Safety Policy

APS Safety Policy

Health, Safety and Environmental Performance (HSE) Policy Statement

Advanced Piping Systems Ltd. (“the company”) is committed to achieving, maintaining and exceeding excellence in managing all the health, safety and environmental (HSE) aspects of our operations. It is our policy to be in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations within our areas of operation, and to promote safe work practices and a safe work environment for all employees, customers and the environment.

Our Company achieved COR Certification in 2013. We also have a National Construction Safety Officer (NCSO) on staff. 

It is the responsibility of all employees, management, and sub-contractors, to ensure that all operations are performed in a safe manner and to comply with all set policies, procedures and guidelines.  In addition, it is management’s responsibility to ensure the Health, Safety and Environmental program is reviewed on an annual basis and updated as required.

Advanced Piping Systems Ltd. is committed to:
  • Complying with all relevant legislation, regulation and industry standards, and implement stricter standards when those legislative requirements are insufficient;

  • Continual improvement to drive down the HSE impacts of our operations by identifying all HSE aspects and impacts with appropriate controls and steps to improve them;

  • Provide sufficient training for all staff to ensure they are appropriately competent in their duties;

  • Safety by believing all injuries are preventable;

  • All employees have the right to refuse unsafe work;

  • Working with our customers, sub-contractors, competitors and regulators to raise the HSE standards of our industry;

  • Recognizing those who contribute to improved HSE performance;

  • Openly reporting our HSE performance, not only taking record of the positives but also constructive detailing of the negatives. 

Management, Employees and Contractors are all committed to meeting this policy, now and in the future.

We can also be found on Complyworks and Avetta (formerly PICS).

Please inquire for more certifications.

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